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Venture Republic

As an eMarketing company, Venture Republic Inc. provides various marketing solutions to businesses through the Internet enabled market research and the incubation of vertical portals for building efficient marketing channels.

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Press Release (Japanese Only)

Venture Republic - Group Companies -

PASOconeco (URL:www.coneco.net) is the vertical portal focusing on technology related products and services such as PCs, PC peripherals and ADSL service. As a pioneer and market leader, PASOconeco has operated since 1997 and aggregates latest sales information from over 100 EC merchants and service providers in the industry to serve millions of technology savvy buyers in Japan.

travel.co.jp (URL:www.travel.co.jp Service will be available in April, 2001.) is the vertical portal focusing on travel related products and services such as air tickets and tour packages to target travel lovers and frequent travelers using Internet. With the founders' unique experience in travel industry over the last decades, travel.co.jp is designed to provide a comprehensive marketing solution for travel agents and businesses through the development and integration of Web-based reservation system and its operation of own Web site.